Wednesday, February 7, 2007

rehla school

What’s rehla school?
How it all began?
It's all began with one kid his name is Sameh ,and there were three people , Amin from Canada (financially supporting the project)and Anna from the US, they are the experts in education for the program, and Ismael from Egypt, he was the one who took him off from the street to work with him in an internet cafe as a waiter , Ismael knows so much street kids . So they wanted to help him to learn how to read and write but this was just the beginning because now it’s neither only about Sameh nor reading and writing. Now it’s about ………

Rehla school which’s a program for street and working kids who did not have the chance to study or continue studying for reason or another , so they had to work in fields like shoe making or polishing shoes , they are either work to feed their family or to feed themselves , they are four, their ages are between fourteen to eighteen years old , So the program gives them the chance and the space to be ready and prepared for better , professional life . So the program helps them to……

Study reading writing and math

To learn about their country while they are studying

To get some vocational training

to visit several work shops in deferent fields

To know about environmental issues and ways to solve it

To meet with IPs PHDs

To have fun and go to a park like other kids

It’s all about chance for them to improve their life , if they don’t get it , surly they are going to be the future low breakers and they wont be guilty because they are victims of illiteracy and lack of awareness .Now the question is how can we help them to continue, and how can we help more than four ?

It’s time for us to change , it’s up to you and me .