Tuesday, November 27, 2007

study languages ?!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mmmmm you may need to think about that mach more in order to not be hanged,
you know? it's really great and helpful to study new language, yab, you are going to be able to communicate with others, specially if you get some body in your back encouraging and supporting you ,giving you new easy words and telling you how it should be pronounced.
also will make your CV stronger but ........
do you think it's worth it? look at the pic above, there is a German word includes 69 letters, a friend of mine was really encouraging me, so he taught me his first word, it's (demississippidampfschiffeahrtsgesellschaftskapitansmuteenanstecknadel)
well do you think it's done? nooo it can be longer still mmmmm well what a great challenge. Okay! What kind of persons you are? who likes to face things or giver up? , how ever i think Spanish is a nice musical language by the way, that dose not mean i am a giver up but i think it could be better to study German later inshaallah, it's very easy you know? 69 letters in a word is nothing.