Sunday, March 2, 2008

don't rush

Why do you rush? Take it easy
According to our life experiences and because of what we see during time watching our kids growing up, learning something step by step, plant a tree and watering it, building any thing we start by the design, we figure how much does it cost and then buying materials, prepare it, start building, fix it, finish it and fine tune it.
This how tings work, I have a friend who always telling me about the projects we are working on together (will see how it develops) I love this sentence, it gave me a lovely new way of thinking so why are you rushing? Think about the thing you are about to do get some opinions from friends, experts and then rethink about it finally you can start doing it. Give yourself the space to see how things develop.

Hold on hold on you really mean it? Things develop Wow I got it, that's why when any one invents any thing like cell phone car etc it may look ugly in the beginning just to see if it's going to work or not. Sample is to realize the idea and to test it when it work then we can work on it again and again,

You mean nothing being invented perfectly at first? Every thing need to go through phases of growth? Oh my goodness you know what? Darwin was genus he is the one who said that human was a monkey and then he went through the natural phases of growth during years and years as well as any thing else, that make sense in this case

No no no talking about things that human invented is so much deferent than talking about what the creator has created, the creator is the greatest, he is not like any thing and nothing is like him, at all.

We humans always need examples to do any thing. examples from the nature that Allah has created; he created to us all the examples we need in this life to learn, to imitate, to invent, to understand, to know……

Take this examples and try to understand the wisdom behind every single one of them, ponder upon this, take your time but make sure you learn the lesson,
If your stomach needs food and your family needs support that's why you work that hard, you yourself need to know that your mind must get the space to ponder upon the creation of the haven and the earth.

Don't rush it's easy and simple just organize yourself and manage your time wisely give yourself couple of minutes to think before doing any thing and prepare yourself, and then do what you want,
Eat, walk and set in the front.
Build your home out of the stars never say I can't.