Monday, May 5, 2008

Unforgotten memories , History repeats it self

Dearest friend
How are you doing? Is every thing ok?
I missed talking with you, have you had this feeling before? That you need to talk to somebody badly and don't find? Have you been lonely in this world while thousands of people are around? Have you ever been under pressure that death is the best choice you could think about? Hard feeling isn't it? Ask me, because these are my feelings now, sorry if I couldn't carry it alone, and sorry if it had to be you are the one who is going to share it with me.
It's just too hard to tell. World is becoming too small that I can't breath, cloths are becoming very tight, head is heavier than a mountain and heart is smaller than an ant, but why only in this moment I get to ask, what is the purpose of life, why am I here and what is it all for? Why don't I ask these questions any other time?

Human being. what, how, who is he?
Mind, heart, and soul? Body and functions? Needs and hobbies? Priorities? Facts?

Remember that day? When you were at the desert looking at the endless sand where the earth meets the sky at a very fine line remember? From time to time you get the chance to be in this amazing mood and in similar times and places where to refresh your mind and remember the unforgotten memories, which don't have to be only about love and romance, it could be about respected people who used to meet, hang out, encourage and help through teaching new things indirectly like mind mapping, English, human relationships, science, and science history, development, sport, psychology philosophy, and more. spending time to help you find out goals which hard to find out yourself, supporting with all kinds of things, and being very patient and kind with you so later on you find yourself applying the ideas you have learned by him with others, the problem is when you realize that, you don't know how to appreciate it. whatever you do still will never gave what's deserved, it's just unbelievable that some one would put that much time, effort and money to support you right?
Friend in deed is a friend in need, yes, in deed he is.
He cares and puts the time and all kinds of things to help you, so automatically you find yourself doing the same with other people, I am sure he knew that this would happen. think about that, keep in mind that you don't deserve to be born if you live for yourself only, and who makes history who will become history.

think about that