Monday, February 18, 2008


What a nice lovely word but what do we mean by family? Because considering every one's back ground will get deferent opinions about the meaning and the impact of this word, you know mentioning this word in front of some one may will react like (mmmmmmmmmm family!!!) other one would say while he is excited oh yes family this what is it all about. and another going to say, ha family???? Nothing called family. so what does it really mean? Does it mean father, mother and kids, grand father and mother etc?
Or it means some friends live together? Or a gang because gangs consider themselves families god father you know, it may means any group of people live together in the sack of goodness or even badness?
Also what makes us like or hate our families? What satisfies every single one of us in order to like the family? Money? Positions? Power? Emotions, tell me what's your needs? I tell you what type of families would satisfy you.
It's not enough for the rich families to provide money, not enough for the poor families to provide food.
First of all I believe that every single one in this world have minimum tow families, one of them is beloved by him and one of them he haven't chosen may be the tow.

Describing good family would be…
Family should sticks together
Satisfy and help providing the needs of the members whatever these needs are, emotional, materialistic or psychological …..Etc
If this not going to happen than the members will look for any other family any where than problems take place why? Because of the age, life experiences, education and more other things will lead the person to chose the family he will join,
If my kid needs my help and he couldn't find me, surly he will look for another father or mother.
We shouldn't forget to mention that most of the people don't feel the good things they have, so if some one has some of the basic needs provided by the family, he doesn't consider it or think about it, so do your best and enjoy it with the family.

F father and fun
A always there for you
M mother and maintain your life
I important to the max
L love and likeable
Y years of warm life